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Start a School: Feasibility Report | Market Research | Project Planning

In the growing scenario where schools can be found everywhere, it is important to understand the market potential and return on investments for a given area. The purpose of a Feasibility Study by our experienced team is to identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area. It enables our clients to gain clarity whether the school project will deliver the outcome they are looking for. During the Feasibility Study, a variety of 'assessment' methods are undertaken. Competing institutions in the area are analysed to understand the Fee structure, Salary structure, Resource availability etc...... 

The detailed project report cum feasibility report is prepared by first conducting a survey around the site followed by report with demand projections and financials. The report will not only cover your project / investment size but is also helpful in acquiring bank loan (if required) at a later stage.  

The project planning phase requires specialists in the field who have the experience and understand the logistics of the process. The School Consultant will design the best project plan for you.

  • Creating a Vision & Philosophy 
  • Create a Brand name & Logo
  • Aid with Business planning & Financial feasibility 
  • Inputs on statutory requirements
  • Help make strategic choices for Board affiliation & type of school 
  • Curriculum planning
  • Human resource and recruitment of staff

School Restructuring & Quality Control 

School consultancy team review your school’s operations to identify the areas that need improvement by:

  • Analysis of the overall standards 
  • Identifying weaknesses 
  • Student assessment 
  • Identifying requirements

This is followed up with an action plan that provides strategies to improve your school’s performance by:

  • Periodic audits 
  • Improvement Implementation programmes
  • Performance monitoring & management 
  • Teacher Training & Head/Principal mentoring & Coaching session
  • Providing cost effective systems of education 
  • Advise on continual education
  • Standardised processes & rolling out of ISO standards

Comprehensive Capacity Building: Leaders/Teachers/Volunteers

"The teacher is not an instructor or task master; he/she is a helper and guide. His/her business is to suggest and not to impose. He does not actually train the pupil’s mind, but only shows him how to perfect his instruments of knowledge and helps and encourages him in the process" - Sri Aurobindo.

Recognizing the pivotal role of teachers in ensuring student-centric learning and holistic child development, we have designed training programmes in multiple areas to support teachers across diverse class-rooms to contribute to effective and joyous teaching.

We focus on a pedagogy which will ensure transition from a traditional lecture –based, instructor-centered learning to a dynamic, and participant –centered, multi-sensory learning format which is expected to accelerate learner’s acquisition of knowledge and skill.

From induction through mentorship, we focus on teacher capacity building through courses, workshops, school reform, leadership, assessment and evaluation, and the integration of Information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Education for large-scale and measurable change.

We try to build local and regional individual and institutional capacity by mapping and strengthening local and regional assets to a large global network of volunteers and international teachers through public-private partnerships.

Strategic Planning: Policy & Program 

Effective strategic planning is the lynchpin for successful management of educational institutions in our rapidly changing world. The strategic planning process has been proven successful at schools, whether they are large or small, public or independent.

Our process encourages the Management and the head of institution in developing its vision and strategy, yet it also provides a process that allows the whole school community — its faculty, staff, students, alumni and others — to take ownership of the plan through extensive involvement in its development. The consistent achievement of both of these objectives (executive leadership and management) while producing a sound and compelling strategic plan is a feat that distinguishes the process.

The four strategic planning stages include:
1. Process Design & Policy Support: Comprehensive research, scenario planning, promotion
2. Strategic Agenda & Program Development: Inclusive stakeholder engagement, first draft of plan
3. Operational Planning: Operational designs that can be measured and scaled
4. Implementation: Implementation of the designs & tracking of data

We can work with your institution through some or all four phases, depending on your needs, to develop and achieve the path to your desired future.

Assessment & Evaluation 

As an institution, you have many choices in how you measure your candidates’ competency or knowledge; in where and how to test; in building credentialing pathways and who you place your trust in as a partner. But what is right for your program?

We are best placed to help you navigate the growing complexity and innovation at every stage of your assessment. Based on your candidate profiles and meeting your specific program objectives, we can guide you in making the best decisions to develop, manage, deliver and grow your program.

Whatever you choose, our commitment to quality service underpins every assessment item developed, test published and candidate interaction. These are diagnostic in nature designed to identify learning gaps & strong areas. The evaluations enables a child to measure their performance with respect to other students and provides recommendations for improved learning.


With today’s increased emphasis on training and the need to keep skills sharp and current, it is important to ensure trainers not only know how to teach, but understand how people learn. The trainings offered at three levels, can enhance existing skills, lead to careers in the classroom or workplace as an assessor or supervisor or qualify you to deliver training packages in a variety of environments. The range of study skills include:  

  • Preparing and presenting training sessions 
  • Developing training programs
  • Evaluating and assessing participants 
  • E-learning
  • Direct group-based learning
  • Create an inclusive learning culture
  • Organise distance-learning

We provide a wide range of services and tailor-made training programmes for:

  • Training of Principal 
  • Training of teachers
  • Training of administrative staff in school 
  • Conducting in-service workshops for staff and Conducting workshops for students

Legal: Affiliation| Registration | ISO

We will guide you through out the application and affilation process to get CBSE affiliation. Our team of consultants will ensure all norms and procedures are followed before applying for affiliation. In case of deficiencies / objections from the board, we will guide you on clearing up these objections. We have an extremely experienced consultant team to guide you throughout the process.

School affiliation procedure to a board or a council is one of the most important tasks for the school authorities. The board affiliation finalizes the curriculum and helps you get going with the school administration and management. In India, there are various boards like State board, CBSE board, ICSE board, IGCSE board and IB board.

You can find more details here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boards_of_Education_in_India

Certain State Governments have made it mandatory for all private schools to be registered with them in conformity to Right to Education Act. Institutions that do not register themselves with the State Government will be imposed with fine for violation of provisions of RTE. Getting this registration can be an an extremely cumbersome process and our team of experienced consultants and legal experts make this a quick and easy process for you.

Quality management is a dynamic tool to promote and protect your organization and has become increasingly present in the life of organizations. Their survival is mainly linked to the quality of their activities. The way in which each organization focuses on quality issues may vary according to the sectors and the environment where it carries out its activities and of course, the organization’s own strategies. There are various ways of focusing on quality and one of the options is to approach the quality management system using the standard ISO 9001.

The ISO 9000 series includes several standards but, at present, the only one that is certifiable is the ISO 9001. The ISO 9001 standard is also slowly being adopted in public institutions, where still there are few information services and libraries that have opted to manage their quality system with ISO 9001:2000.

Major benefits of ISO 9001 Certification to organization:

  • Customer delight/ Customer Satisfaction
  • Improvement in Product quality & process consistency
  • Enhancement of production efficiency
  • Identify & Reduce wastages in organization
  • Identify deficiencies in system to improvements

We have unique ideas on how you can apply quality management to your organisation.  Our role and support is to ensure that your management system actually comply with the relevant principle standard regardless to the facts of your adopted procedure/standard!

Acquire & Divest in existing school

Whether you are an individual, a private group or a corporate that is planning to venture into an existing education institute. Our team of consultants gets down to understanding your objective and defining your need. Our research team works in the defined geography to shortlist existing education ventures in the market.

We extend our services to

  • Analyse the offer
  • Due Diligence
  • Structure a proposal
  • Negotiations
  • Closure of deal

We also support clients in the transition and initial operation of the new venture. This includes assistance in change of ownership, continuity compliance, branding, marketing and other school and managerial services.

We understand the sensitivities involved and work in the required confidentiality and minimum intuition in day to day operations. We can work as your representatives and assist you with marketing of your proposal leveraging our expertise to obtain the best possible offer.

Operational take over

Running a school can be a daunting task and at times without the right support it becomes extremely challenging to run a school. We provide a unique proposition to our clients who are on the verge of divesting, which enables them to keep the ownership without being involved in the day to day operations. This reduces the liability of the client, ensures steady returns with zero involvement in operations.