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Upgrade your School to World Class Standards with Ark International School

Are you looking for an investment option in the range of Rs. 5-10 lakhs? Do you want to reap a substantial amount of return on your investments but are skeptical on where to invest? Then, you need not worry anymore, as we suggest you to invest in starting a play way school. This is so because, it has been observed that today’s young parents are laying emphasis on the play way method of education for the little ones. They look for established & reputed playschools for their children that provide quality services and good education at the basic level. Starting a play way school is more ideal if you get associated to a pre-established brand as it has already earned a market value for itself. Starting a branded play way school will surely be lucrative, furthermore if you start a franchise of a playschool having maximum branded self-operated preschools, it will be all the more beneficial to you as a prospective franchisee.

However, there are certain specified franchise costs involved in starting a play way school, the details of which are listed as follows:

  • Franchise Fee: Franchise fee is the cost which the new franchisee pays to the franchisor at the time of signing the franchise agreement. It is a one-time cost payable to the parent company or the franchisor as a token amount of getting associated to a brand. Ideally, the amount of franchise fee for starting a play way school ranges between Rs. 2-3 lakhs.
  • Royalty: The next most important franchise cost that the franchisee bears is termed as royalty. Royalty amount is that category of franchise cost that the franchise is supposed to pay to the franchisor on the total revenue generated monthly or annually. The royalty amount is calculated on a percentage basis, thus the usual amount of royalty paid lies between 20-25% of the total earnings.  
  • Branch Set-up Cost: Besides the aforesaid mentioned franchise costs, another broad category of cost that the franchisee incurs is the branch set-up cost, the amount of which is somewhere around Rs. 4-8 lakhs. The branch set-up cost can be further classified into different types of infrastructural costs which includes carpenter work, making the furniture and fixtures, hiring artists to paint the walls in the customized pattern etc. 

Thus, these are the main franchise costs involved in starting a play way school. However, if you wish to start a play way school that possess world class facilities and is equipped with the latest technologies then opt for a Ark International Playschool franchise.