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Why Ark International School? 

Education has always been one of Jesus Educational & Social Upliftment Society’s key priorities. In an effort to provide educators across India with the tools and resources to start an academic institution, the Ark International School - Franchise Program was created. Being a pioneer and a leader in Pedagogy and providing access to quality education, Ark International School has set unparalleled standards in the CDE (Child Development & Education) space. All programs are created through dedicated research done by our Child Development Consultants.

There are several advantages of being a part of Ark International School family:

1. Recognized Brand

  • A Christian missionary, minority institution which is a model for affordable quality education 
  • Pioneers in Digital learning in the state 
  • Experience of over 30 years in the field of education

1. Recognized Brand

  • A Christian missionary, minority institution which is a model for affordable quality education 
  • Pioneers in Digital learning in the state 
  • Experience of over 30 years in the field of education

2. Research-based Organization

  • Established, owned and managed by Qualified Educationists.
  • Education scheme based on advanced and ongoing methods of teaching. 
  • The School Systems is build up after proper research of internationally recognized Educational Practices
  • Developed our system best among all by learning from our experience.
  • Aided by educationists of the R&D division in designing of syllabus
  • Education system is continuously monitored and upgraded as per the changing trends in education industry across the world.

3. Sure success and promising prospect:

  • We following a confirmed and well tested Franchise success model 
  • All franchisees are supported by successful support network. 
  • Requirement-specific support guarantees higher level of success in the franchise sector in India.
  • Increased awareness of parents about the importance to provide the best education to their children in the best schools.
  • Increasing awareness of parents for providing best education to children in branded school (which has lost of franchisees) is ultimately beneficial for you.
  • A franchisee venture of education is never got affected by variations in economy as people never want to compromise on their children’s education.

4. Get support in selection of site:

  • We provide you full support in Site Selection. Your site for school should be out of any kind of disagreement. This ensures safety of your venture on investment made by you.

5. Outstanding returns:

  • No hidden costs involved in our projects
  • Royalty and License fees is much less as compared to other competitors 
  • Bonus Revenue Channel
  • Support in raising finance.
  • Corporate buying power, centralized designs & marketing material, pooled advertising costs and assistance in negotiations resulting in cost reduction.
  • Admission enquiries are higher and also fee chargeable because of people’s preference for nationally established brand
  • Minimal risk
  • Ability to get over 150 % return within few years of operations along with multiple asset building capabilities.

6. Marketing and promotion supervision:

  • Best possible support for starting-on school, including promotion material and economical and efficient promotion schemes.
  • Assistance on forming and putting into practice an Annual Marketing Plan.  
  • Assistance on planning, developing of PR strategy and regular presence in Media.
  • Supply of professionally developed advertising, promotional and marketing material including designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing, leaflets, banners, cable advertising, graphic design & copywriting.

7. Recruitment & Training :

  • Constant support from Human Resource Department of the Registered and Corporate office.
  • Help to identify and recruit qualified staffs for your school.  
  • Uniquely designed and easy to understand 'Training Manual'.
  • Regular training of the facilitators to ensure high standards of education.

8. Academic Research & Development:

  • Inclusive syllabus which is designed by researches as well as continuously updated to shape it forward looking keeping the local and global context in mind.
  • You remain in regular contact of our Admin department via e-mails.
  • Process Manuals for Morning assembly, Activities, Outings, Sports Day, Excursion, Celebrations, Annual Day, Competitions and other events.
  • You are followed by continuous monitoring system to ensure quality.

9. Systems & Quality Control :

  • Administrative Systems and Manuals for running the school up to predefined standards.
  • Progress Reports is analyzed to make out strengths and weaknesses.
  • Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience for every branch.
  • To ensure smooth performance of all the branches, the franchisees are followed by regular monitoring and reporting system

10. Need-specific Support :

  • Full assistance in designing and incorporating demanding educational practices to turn into first of its kind school of tomorrow
  • Get aided in obtaining materials like, furniture and equipments etc.
  • Assistance and advice for installing, maintaining and upgrading IT hardware, software and other systems.
  • Get supply of registration forms, manuals, recruitment materials, etc., customized as per your need.
  • Bulk procurement of supplies, to help you save in purchasing.