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IGNITE (Beyond School Program)

The Beyond School program seeks to provide quality education to underprivileged students across Bihar by providing quality education and holistic development. IGNITE is a Beyond School Enrichment Program, which provides a safe learning environment for underprivileged children in communities. It builds in them a sense of achievement and joy in learning. We work with a large number of Government Schools kids and Regional school kids to help fill the gaps in education. The idea is to rekindle a love for learning and achievement with teaching practical skills.

IGNITE is a fine blend of academics and co-curricular activities. It aims to raise the bar for each and every learner, even as it allows fast learners, and the slow learners their space to grow. The program focuses on academic enrichment and techniques for the children to reach their best potential in their school and to raise awareness in communities.

Academic subjects such as Maths, Science, spoken English and computer literacy are taught in order for children to reach their potential in school. Other forms of learning through music, dance and art are also encouraged. IGNITE focuses on life skills and personality development through classes and sessions.

We also inculcate Sports/PE in the program to enable children to learn the value of team work. Jesus Educational & Social Upliftment Society seeks to build socially responsible citizens through these holistic programs. In the future, we are seeking to develop our scholarship program to fund the education of those who are eager and dedicated to pursue further studies.